Ecutec - A Fine Addition to iBulk’s Tailored Solutions

iBulk Solutions, are delighted to announce the introduction of Ecutec Barcelona S.L. to their range of top quality handling and processing equipment. This comes about as the result of Sweco’s recent acquisition of Ecutec Barcelona S.L. for whom iBulk is a licensed manufacturer.

Ecutec is a supplier of classifying, coating and grinding products for fine and ultra-fine powders from 150 microns to
1 micron specialising in wet and dry processes for products of 5 microns and below.  

“The addition of Ecutec to our already extensive range is a real coup,” said Tony Webber, managing director, iBulk Solutions. “If you take into account that we’re adding it to a list of world renowned brands like Rotex, Carrier, you’ll begin to comprehend the breadth of product and expertise we can access.”

Through the use of highly advanced computation flow dynamics modelling software Ecutec’s processing and handling equipment offers unprecedented performance in terms of capacity, fineness of cut, durability and cost effectiveness. Ecutec’s proprietary rotor manufacturing technology takes this performance even further providing the ability to operate at high tip speed leading to finer, more accurate separation.

Brenda Beers-Reineke, Sweco President said “This natural extension of the Sweco product line offers significant synergies....This addition of Ecutec positions Sweco as a single source for classifying material from 1 inch to 1 micron.”  

Tony Webber, expanded on Brenda Beers-Reineke’s statement adding, “The synergies this acquisition provide for Sweco are increased exponentially for iBulk.  This is the result of integrating the new range with our existing Rotex, Carrier Vibrating Equipment and iBulk® ranges in addition to the Sweco range. iBulk is now positioned as a single source for tailored solutions in classifying, conveying, screening and drying of materials of virtually any size.”    

The introduction of Ecutec serves as an ideal complement to iBulk’s existing range and is yet another step in their continued commitment to source and provide their customers with a tailored approach to the provision of bulk handling solutions.  iBulk® now boasts one of the broadest ranges of handling and processing equipment in the business.

Tony Webber remarked “What this really means for our clients is that we give them solutions that are tailored for their needs to an extent that was not previously possible. This ensures greater efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as broader application with less downtime and wastage.  At the end of the day they get a better solution with lower installation, operation, maintenance and opportunity costs.”

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iBulk, a Company with its Finger on the Pulse


You know what its like, your brow starts to sweat and your pulse quickens. It’s the feeling you get right before something big is about to happen.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry provides plenty of these moments as the team at iBulk discovered recently.

“We enjoy relationships with a number of the larger pharmaceutical companies in Australia,” said Mr Tony Webber, managing director, iBulk. “A number of our products are ideally suited to pharmaceutical applications and we’ve been able to provide many solutions to often difficult processing problems.

“But I must admit that our recent work with Aortech really got the heart racing.”

Aortech is an innovative Australian Biomaterials company that develops and manufactures leading edge polymers for use in critical medical and pharmaceutical applications, with a significant focus on cardiovascular applications.

“Everybody understands the care that has to be taken when dealing with matters of the heart,” remarked Tony.

Working with Aortech staff at iBulk’s test lab the project team quickly identified the critical design requirements and it was down to work to source a processing machine that would provide the best solution.

“Amongst a number of considerations, biggest problem facing Aortech was inconsistencies in the plastic granules that form the base material of their products,” Explained Tony. “To ensure high quality moulding it is imperative that the plastic granules used in production are a uniform size.

“The granules also need to be free from polymer dust to ensure the finished product is produced to the highest sanitary levels.”

After investigating a number of alternatives, the SWECO Circular Separator was identified as the best match to the design parameters.

“The SWECO separator looked like it stood head and shoulders above the rest when measured against the specifications required for this application,” said Tony. “Its stainless steel design combined with the fact that the screens are manufactured using Supertaut really illustrated that it provided the best outcome.”

For those who may not be familiar with Supertaut, it’s a revolutionary bonding material which encapsulates and locks every wire into place eliminating crevices and pits found in typical spot welded screens.

After settling on the SWECO, it was straight into iBulk’s test laboratory to make sure it would provide the results that its specifications promised.

“Our stringent testing regime proved that the SWECO was the best choice and from there we quickly intergrated the unit into Aortech’s production facility.

“Looking back it was a great result for all parties and it’s nice to know that you can play an integral role in producing products that will improve the health of so many Australians, ‘added Tony.

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