Sweco Low Profile
Sweco Low Profile

The Sweco Low Profile Flow-Thru Separator (LPFT) allows for high capacity wet or dry scalping in a compact, low headroom design. Thereby providing many of the features of the iBulk Sweco Circular Separator within a tightly packed unit.

Dual motors mounted on opposite sides of the LPFT allow unrestricted flow of material and create the 3-D motion that allows oversize material full discharge, keeping the screen clear for maximum product flow. Its low headroom requirements (as little as 380 mm) and straight flow design, allow the LPFT to fit easily into existing product lines without reworking the entire system.



  • Low headroom
  • Easy to retrofit
  • High Capacity
  • Residency time can be adjusted by altering the screening patterns

Applications and Industries

  • Initial Screening at the bag dump
  • Screening prior to packing or bagging
  • Agglomerate and removal of foreign matter


  • Easily fits into the existing product lines without reworking the entire system.
  • Can also be mounted on a mobile stand / trolley.
  • Discharge magnets can be attached to aid with the capture of metal contaminants.