iBulk stocks a broad selection of woven wire mesh. It can be provided in rolls, flat panels or completed screens.

Our complete screen range includes:

  • Hooked screens,
  • Edge and eyelet screens and
  • Circular Screens (Such as those used in Sweco Screens)

Using a Mesh Counter



Mesh is defined by the number of openings per linear inch. Starting from the centre of a wire, count the number of openings within an inch. This is the mesh number. For example, No. 4 mesh indicates that there are four openings per linear inch, as shown in the photo.

Gauge or Wire Diameter

These terms refer to the thickness of individual wires within the mesh. There are numerous gauge standards; we prefer to use a metric measurement. For illustration purposes, we have used vernier callipers, but a micrometer will provide a more accurate figure. This mesh is 1.20 mm wide. There might be slight variations in the diameter due to the manufacturing of the wire or weaving process

Space and aperture

Space or Aperture These terms refer to the opening between the wires.  When selecting a mesh, we seek to find the largest open area while maintaining the appropriate aperture for your product.

Now that you have the mesh number and wire diameter, you can find out which mesh you previously used. Just refer to iBulk's mesh spec sheet to find the appropriate size and additional technical specs.