iBulk Vibrating Feeders type iDDF (Trough/Pan) serve primarily for withdrawing bulk material from bins and hoppers. They can also be used for conveying materials over short distances.

The iBulk Direct Drive Feeder is most suited for the conveying of granular bulk materials having a large angle of repose.


  • Continuous heavy duty operation
  • Dust tight designs available
  • Provides an economical link in the handling of a wide range of bulk materials from storage piles, hoppers, bins and silos.
  • Accurately places feed material into or onto other processing equipment at a predetermined capacity and orientation
  • Capability of variable speeds where required
  • Do not require special foundations
  • High stability of the Feeder against load influences

Applications and Industries

Uses in the field include:

  • Charging mixers
  • Mills
  • Crushers
  • Screens
  • Furnaces
  • and other equipment for processing granular material.

They are ideal for feeding belt conveyors, bucket elevators and production scales.

Suitable for light duty food and chemicals to heavy duty quarry & mining applications in a cost effective way.


iBulk Vibrating Feeders are generally mounted on rubber springs and for heavy duty or high temperature applications on steel coil springs. This makes them freely vibrating units transmitting minimal vibration to surrounding structures. They do not require special foundations.

Alternatively, the Feeders may be suspended on rubber compression springs.

High vibration damping may be achieved by using soft springs with high static strength.

In the case of abrasive materials, special linings can be provided. Dust may be controlled by the use of covered pans, with flexible seals being used at the transfer points.