iBulk’s Website sets industry benchmark

iBulk has long been considered an innovator in Australia's Fine Particle Separation and Processing Equipment industry and the recent launch of their new website really cements their position as market leader. Designed to be a resource for process plant designers, engineers and specifiers, the new website hosts a vast amount of information on a wide variety of products, but is easy to navigate and features a user friendly search function.

"At iBulk we have always prided ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with solutions that are specifically tailored to their unique requirements and right from the planning stages we brought the same mindset to the development of our new website," said Mr Tony Webber, managing director, iBulk.

Anyone who points their browser to ibulk.com.au will discover that Tony and his team have put a lot of thought into how visitors will use the site in order to find the information they are seeking. The website has been split into two different, yet related areas, Products and Applications.

"Because we have been operating in the industry for a considerable amount of time, it was easy for us to identify the two different ways in which customers make initial contact and we designed the site to suit both.

"A lot of the time we'll get a client that pretty much knows exactly the piece of equipment they're after, but is looking for some additional information about specifications and they will head straight for the Products Tab.

"The other type of request we receive is from people who are operating in a certain industry sector, say for example agriculture, who are looking for a solution to a specific problem but don't really know where to start. Well these guys can head straight for the applications tab, which will allow them to sort solutions by industry," explained Tony.

The new iBulk website sets a new industry standard and further builds on their reputation for supplying quality service and in depth R&D. Anyone who takes the time to visit the site will quickly understand that iBulk's ability to design and build fine particle separation and processing equipment for the bulk solid processing industry is unique in this country.

To discover just how good the new iBulk® website is visit www.ibulk.com.au you won't be disappointed.